Just for curiosity's sake, does your Medic have a name?

No but I know the name of my first Archimedes is Jerome from a server contest I did once back in the admin days, and I decided the second Archimedes I was given on my birthday would be named Tyrone because he needs to get his shit together.

Fuck for real though can I get ice cream sandwiches for Heavy?

Can you imagine it’s like maybe it adds an additional health or a temporary big health boost to my teammates that can help for sweet pushes but after a few seconds it completely just drops you back down to whatever health you were at before unless a Med has been healing you like a fucking placebo food item it’d basically turn the Dalokohs Bar useless though hmm how can I balance this

Also if a Pyro lights you on fire while you’re holding it out it melts a la Spycicle and you have to wait at the same recharge rate if you threw it out or ate it. 

uber-senpai, tell me your exact loadout for an sfm thing I is doing as practice


  • (Preferably) BLU Medic
  • Deep Commitment to Purple Brutal Bouffant (this is the most important)
  • Quadwrangler
  • Archimedes (second most important) 

If you want weapons:

  • Festive Ubersaw
  • Team Spirit Sheen Medigun/Kritzkrieg
  • Festive/non-festive Crusader’s Crossbow or Overdose

Would you change something in Heavy's gameplay if you could ?

No. I love the character but the class for the most part seems fairly balanced to me (until a Medic sits on his ass and he’s just unkillable if he’s good, that sucks but that can be countered with a good team/unless he’s playing Spy and making people laugh with his tickle mittens then finger bangs them into the Respawn Realm).

What I would like are these:

  • More class-specific NON LETHAL taunts for Heavy. Why the fuck didn’t he get anything for Expiration Date? It hurts me enough that he didn’t receive a good role in ED due to voice actor limitations but come the fuck on Valve, this was your mascot.

  • A Minigun that allows faster weapon switch but has a damage downside so people don’t bitch about its OP-ness. I get so sad when I’m not able to pull a Sandvich out on time and my Medic burns to ashes in front of my eyes.

  • More food items. Like, shit I can throw at my teammates to share that do things to them. Why can’t I throw my Buffalo Steak Sandvich at my teammates and they get mini-crits for like the next 3 seconds (other than the fact I think that would break a lot of shit)? Can I get ice cream sandwiches? That was a thing back then right?

uber-senpai pls teach moi how 2 sfm


I have a few tutorials in my Tutorial Crap tag, but I’d recommend to check out these tutorials as well as a couple of guides on the Source Filmmaker workshop. When in doubt, Jimer Lins, Zach Scott, Pte Jack, and the main SourceFilmmaker Youtube channel will help out for a lot of the technical things you come across to make whatever you desire to create.

Let me know if there’s anything specific that you can’t find and I’ll do my best to answer it. Also, practice makes perfect! Make sure to keep doing what you’re doing and be willing to go the distance to go far and wide.

How do I 6v6/Highlander comp Medic


There’s a lot of tutorials out there to start off when becoming a comp Medic. First off, awareness. Three things you should be aware of:

  1. Map positioning and where you should be and where you should not be, as well as health pack positions
  2. What’s going on via team comms so you know when to get the fuck out or go the fuck in in case you don’t have sightlines or in case you know what’s going down
  3. What the hell your team is supposed to be doing

Knowing what each class does other than yourself is important - e.g. in 6v6, the Scouts are your flanks and you should buff them, one of them might be passive to protect you and your Demo, your Pocket is also helping protect you and the Demo; in HL, your Heavy needs to protect you, your Pyro should be protecting you from Spies but you will have to look around a lot, you should buff your Sniper and play around him if he’s good. (buff everybody tbh, overheal is gud) Knowing what everybody’s role is will help a lot.

Awareness helps because most of your life Medic depends on survivability. If you survive, your team survives. Check this thing out I wrote a while back that applies to surviving as a Medic. Here are some other resources that will help:

Almost all the 6v6 articles can be translated somewhat to Highlander. Note that flashing works a little more effectively in 6s than it does HL; there are instances where you’re going to want to hold onto one person more in HL, but flashing is definitely applicable for HL. It’s situational.

Learn which loadouts work best for you, as well as which work better in certain situations. When do you switch to Kritz? When do you run Quickfix? Should you run the Overdose instead of the Crossbow? Are you safe pulling out an Amputator and getting the fuck out instead of going in with an Ubersaw and trying to get the extra 25% charge?

By the way, you will die a lot. Expect this as a thing that will happen as Medic. But you should know how to bounce back. Slin’s video and a few other guides will talk about how you should learn how to gauge something called advantage. That’s one of two things: Uber advantage and team health advantage. Is your Uber advantage better than the other team’s, and if so, should you push on it and get aggressive or hold it and be defensive? Do you know if your team has better health than the other team that you can get more aggressive and make your presence known? Do they already have Uber, and if so, do you need to build or maybe should you switch your gun? All of this comes with experience and practice, as well as educating yourself about map positioning and what your teammates are gonna be doing. 

Also, as much as possible - try to have good chemistry with your combo. This is your Pocket Soldier in 6v6, your Heavy in Highlander, and your Demo for both. (Pyro and Sniper on the side for Highlander, depending on how good the other Spy is, or how good your Sniper is.) These are the people you will be working with most - these are also the people you might get frustrated with most. If you and your combo don’t have good chemistry, the chances of dying or failing a push/hold are far too high because somebody will want to do something, but the other person might want to do something else and the miscommunication can lead to ugly things.

Establish a common ground of trust; be understanding of each other’s decisions whether they are good calls or bad calls. If you don’t feel safe going in with them, make that known and tell them to back out so they’re alive for a push and to protect you. Everybody on this team is supposed to protect you because competitive TF2 is another way of saying “Kill the Fucking Medic On the Other Team”.

Trust your team, but trust your combo the most. They are your shield and they are your sword, they are your eyes when you cannot see and your ears when you cannot hear. They will protect you at all costs. And if you keep them alive, as well as the rest of your teammates as you go in for the push, you will not die and nobody else has to die either.

Is your computer still fucked? D: Is all your SFM stuff safe?!?


I’ve got most of the stuff backed up, don’t worry! The issues with my processor however are coming back. (At least I’ve been told it’s my processor.) It’s functioning but there’s still moments where it just goes black and shuts down, so I’m gonna have a friend look at my computer sometime real soon.

What's your opinion about dota2?

I’ve played it with bots with a friend, I’m bad at MOBA games (including LoL the few times I’ve tried that after years of insistence from friends) but I really like a lot of lore and characters from Dota 2. 

Bad Reception (SCRAPPED)

Bad Reception (also known as PROJECT: Fuck It I Need To Submit Something to the Goddamn Saxxy Awards In Time #7) was one of several last-minute ideas I came up with when I realized I wouldn’t be able to get my original Saxxy done. It was meant to be a short but quickly exceeded that time limit. This is the audio reel I was working on before setting up any animation. I was smushing voice lines together, so while I had a basic idea of the beginning, incident, and resolution, I wasn’t sure (still am not sure) how to put together the plot’s body. 

While I’ve got a week I could use to try and throw this last-minute idea into a saving grace, I’ve got no desire to make this happen in-time for that deadline for reasons I’ve already stated in the past that I hope people can respect for now. With that being said, I do like where Bad Reception was going, and I will try to make the rest of it come to life one day as an SFM animation. 

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